A bill to revoke Pakistan’s status, decision by US House


The tension regarding alleviating terrorism especially from the Islam dominated countries is brewing for quite a long time. Regarding this a number of bills have been passed till date and a plethora of political enquiry have also been conducted. Recently a bipartisan bill is groping for revoking r Pakistan’s status as a major NON-NATO ally. 2 lawmakers did uphold the case in the House of Representatives in the United States. Visible failure of the nation to fight terrorism has been stated as the main reason behind this colossal decision made.

According to the reports the bill was introduced by 2 lawmakers, respectively Ted Poe, republican Congressman and Rick Nolan, a Democratic lawmaker. Passing this bill involving the Islamic nation Pakistan and United States did create a fuss in the parliamentary arena where Trump’s dispensation is still to decide upon the fate of the bill being introduced and passed by the government.

Ted Poe being a member of the foreign affairs committee and serving as a chairman of the subcommittee on terrorism did state that Pakistan ought to be answerable for having American blood on their hands. Massive attacks on Americans by the Pakistani Islamic extremism is being vehemently criticised and the nation is being blamed.

Serving for non – proliferation and trade, Mr. Ted Poe did put his words strongly before the government so that those are implemented well. His statements and words are being considered quite imperative and potent in this matter; involving Pakistan and United States.