An Act of Terrorism – Canadian man ‘stabs’ for Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan


A Canadian man stabbed an US airport officer with a large knife, right in his neck. What is more disturbing and alarming at the same time is that the attacker made references to the attacks and the numerous killings that were taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

David Gelios, who is an FBI agent and is also in charge of the investigation of the case, said that the attack on the US Airport Security was being treated as an act of terrorism. As a matter of fact, he also went on to say that there was no indication or proof leading to the belief that the suspect, identified as 50 year old Amor Ftouhi, was involved in a wider and deeper plot.

According to the reports, the attacker, Amor Ftouhi, stabbed airport officer Lieutenant Neville in the neck and exclaimed ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Great). This entire incident happened at the Michigan’s Bishop International Airport. On enquiring the FBI said that the attacker said something about the numerous people being killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and that everyone would have to die as a result.

Initially declared as critical, the current condition of Lieutenant Neville is stable and he is recovering. The sudden attack prompted immediate evacuation of the airport and called for extra security throughout northwest Detroit city. United States President Donald Trump was intimidated and briefed about the stabbing incident said Sean Spicer, the White House press Secretary.