Israeli-American Player to play only for America; FIFA confirms


Kenny Saief, the person playing for Belgium’s Gent, has been accepted by the FIFA for a transformation of organization on the international level, making him qualified to play for only the United States of America on the international level for seniors. Kenny Saief is an Israeli-American and had appealed to FIFA for the change himself.

It was a Druze family in the beautiful Panama City of Florida where Kenny was born. Later, he moved to Israel when he was just 3 years old. As a player for Israel, he represented the Under-19 and the Under-21 teams of his country in international competitions. This required only a one-time change application from Saief.

Kenny Saief is a commendable player of the sport and known by a lot many. He has successfully made it on the 40-player list for the preliminary round for the Gold Cup in 2017. The 23-player list for the tournament will be made public later, on Sunday.

Keeping in mind the current circumstances of the player’s impending switch, one can say that Gent will be entering the famous Europa League in the 3rd qualifying round of the tournament and then Saief which is scheduled to be held right after the next day of the Gold Cup finals.

In this regard, a possible scenario is that Kenny Saief will be released to Gent after he is done playing in the group stages. According to reports, around six modifications are allowed post group stages. So, the coming days are going to be interesting to watch for the fans of FIFA.