Russian meddling into the electoral race of USA, Trumps criticises


The Russian probe and the Russian intervention in the electoral race 2016 USA is being floated again as a burning topic of criticism and discussion at the parliamentary level . In fact according to the reports, Obama’s comments and concerns are also being dragged into it.

Tweets about Trump’s comments on Putin’s regime in Russia and his intervention in the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the last 2016 electoral race, are being criticised, analysed, discussed among the hoi polloi and interpreted to the public.

Again and again allegations are being put against Russian dispensation regarding malevolent interference in the elections of USA and their meddling in the votes cast in the United States. In fact influential democratic law makers also joined the discussions and the criticism.

The House intelligence committee stated that the Americans needed to be more careful about the Russian meddling in the elections and could have taken measures against them before hand. In fact the very aspect of punishing the Russian concerns has been raised as well.

Senator Ron Wyden did also criticise the dispensation by the former President Obama. The intelligence committee is still looking into the matter and trying to solve the fuss as early as possible. The various comments being floated by the media websites and the news agencies are also facing criticisms.

Insisting investigation into Russian meddling in the electoral race is being given importance; where Obama rule is being criticised, Russians are thought to be punished, Putin’s dispensation is facing huge condemnation and Trump’s rule is being praised enough.