The Mexico wall to produce solar energy, as proposed by Donald Trump.


The border of Mexico and the planning to construct it has been chalked out by Donald Trump earlier and plans are going to be implemented when he instructs to install solar panels on the border. The US President is known to take this important decision owing to the well fare of the nation, as this can help producing energy and aesthetically enhance the plan as well.

According to reports, lessening of Mexico’s payments is also being thought. In accordance with the news, this idea had been placed once earlier by Donald Trump in a closed discussion with the Republican congressmen but this is known to be the first time to convey and project the idea in front of the entire nation. This decision made has become a burning topic in the nation where pros and cons of the proposal are being discussed.

According to the reports, Trump claimed that this has been his sole credit to make such a decision and the parliament has to implement this. This can add more practicality to the traditional thought of building a wall, as stated by the director of the centre for life cycle analysis at Columbia University, Vasilis Fthenakis.

Former director at the solar institute of George Washington university, Ken Zweibel, also opined the same. This can economically be quite profitable as well. Another company is also known to submit such a proposal for the designing of the Mexico border wall. This can also lessen Mexico’s budget and curtail the amount feasibly.