The Seeds of Corruption in the United States


No matter how solid, how impervious and how patriotic a country and its officials are, there will always be a group of people who will turn heel or corrupt, keeping their personal interests way ahead of the benefit of the country and its subjects. While there may be innumerable dedicated, honest and loyal officials, there will always be those who will make way for the evil to creep into society and grab it by its roots.

They are the people that allow corruption to spread for it is much like a contagious disease. It brings nothing but ruin and allows only the worst of men to get what they want. Some of the more infamous corruption scandals of the United States will surely take you by surprise.

An ex-employee of the Oregon Department of Energy, Joe Colello, admitted that he took illicit payments of $291,017 associated to a state energy tax credit programme. He pleaded guilty on counts of bribery, theft, tax evasion, racketeering, etc. Farhad “Fred” Monem was found guilty of succumbing to bribery.

He was found to have taken $1.2 million from vendors distributing disgusting and tasteless food to the prisoners of the state Corrections Department. A former accountant of Oregon Education Department had to face two years in federal prison for misappropriating nearly $1 million from the state itself, in the year 2008.

Elma Magkamit was sentenced to eight years in prison for a similar case of embezzlement. She had misappropriated more than $1.4 million from the city of West Linn.