Amnesty International Report State US-Led Coalition Forces Violates International Law During Fighting IS


In Irbil, Iraq, on Wednesday, a report from the Amnesty International state that the US-led coalition forces are not following the international laws of human rights while fighting the Islamic terrorist, and that is why hundreds of Iraqi civilians are dying.

The NGO has claimed the coalition forces that they are been irresponsive when it is coming to the safety of the Iraqi civilians, which are the main reason they are supposed to be there.

According to the report posted by the US military, was from Tuesday, when they got it from the Amnesty International, where it was mentioned that in all these years of violence and battles in the region, the civilians are the main ones that are getting perished in the war.

Though all the things are happening in the region, none of the coalition forces are cared for the lives of the civilians and being relentless while conducting unlawful attacks on the IS, who were placing the civilians as shields. The rates of civilian deaths are far more than the casualties from the Islamic terrorist sides and the coalition forces.

The statement from Amnesty International was countered by a coalition spokesman from the US, Col. Joe Scrocca, who said that “this war is not pleasant, neither any war is or ever happened in the past,” so pretending like that cannot happen in real war. People die in a real war situation, and it includes civilians and soldiers, and this war has nothing to do with soldiers being irresponsive because they are there to save them, Scrocca added.