Arizona Wildfires Become Top Priority Of State Government, Says, Governor


In Phoenix, Arizona, several wildfires are burning in the Western states of the United States, the wildfires in Arizona became a headache, the state government has declared war on the present wildfires, and they will suppress the fire at any cost.

According to the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said in a press conference on this Wednesday, Northern Arizonian wildfire is growing fast, and need to stop, which will be the top priority of the state government. Ducey also mentioned the next 24 hours would be critical, but the state will be there to stop the fire as well as to evacuate the people of stuck in the region.

Till now the fire has burnt more than 30 square miles of land area in the region, which is now tackling by around 600 firefighters, and the people living nearby the wildfire-prone region, have been shifted to a safe location. Though the fire in Arizona is new and started on last Friday, but the reason of the incident is unknown. Unlike, the larger wildfires arise in the states of Utah where the largest wildfire has taken place, and also in California.

In California, many houses were destroyed, which is the same situation in Utah too, were also several people got out of their home and now homeless because their homes have been destroyed.

Contaminating the wildfires are the prime priority of the firefighters present in the regions, which is thought to take more days as the wind is also taking on the fire’s side.