Border Wall Alongside Mexico Advanced, As New Models, Will Be Revealed In Late Summer


In San Diego, California, US border security plans to build the Trump wall alongside the Mexican border is now seeing new progress, as the agency that was in charge of creating designs to support Trump administration’s new border program, will place its model this summer, but lately.

According to the Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello of Customs & Border Protection, on Tuesday he released a statement to the public, where it was said that four to eight companies would get the prototype contracts in San Diego.

If the model selected, then the company will have 30 days to complete model for 2,000 miles run along the nearby San Diego border. It has been several months since the new Trump government have placed its new ambitious plans to fortify its international border along with the Mexican line, with the new huge border walls along the Mexican border.

On the other hand, the CBP or Customs & Border Protection is saying the plan is impractical if it says an entire and continuous border, because which is impossible, as most of the terrains are noneven in the region. Due to these natural barriers, the border wall is very much impossible to arise, as these obstacles are such as lakes or canyons, which disallow to build a continuous wall.

Now, there are total kilometers of 654 miles boundary were build, which are all made by fences, but only around 70 miles are built with the border walls, but not as like the new Trump’s, and these will be removed.