Californian Man Files Lawsuit Against Lottery Commission For Not Awarding Prize Money He Won


In Los Angeles, a local man has sued the state and California Lottery Commission, after the authorities denied a $5 million prize from Scratchers because the ticket was brought by his son, who is only 16-year old, says local reporter.

The lawsuit was filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court by the person, who is identified as Ward Thomas, as he claimed that the commission had failed to meet their contract, they neglect with intentions not to hand over the winning prize to the winner’s represented person. Though there were no specific amount of lawsuit was mentioned in the case, which was filed by Thomas, and even there was no specific mention of the incident more detailed.

In the meantime, the California Lottery Commission did not comment on the latest accusation with a lawsuit filed against them, and even they didn’t say what happened when Thomas came to claim the prize.

As per Thomas, he bought five Scratchers tickets to his 16-year old son, on last year’s October 16, from a Mobil Station at Bellflower Boulevard in Long Beach, and then it was found that one of the five tickets was one winning ticket with $5 million prizes. Afterward, Thomas went for validation for the ticket at two places, one at Long Beach and another at Santa Ana.

Things took a turn on December 5, when the state lottery commission told that the lottery is invalid, as it is in the name of his son, who is still a minor, and thus it is not legal for him to play the lottery at first place.