Japan To Wrap Up Last Month US Destroyer & Freighter Collision Case In Hurry


In Tokyo, the Japanese investigation teams are busy ending their investigation into the midnight collision of a freighter and US destroyer that killed 7 of the US naval sailors. The most important thing is, the result of the investigation is still unknown, which includes how the accident occurred at the first place, and what causes the freighter collides with the destroyer.

It is said, the US military teams have the right to investigate when one of their property (USS Fitzgerald) is under any investigation on foreign soil, but in this case, the US has been seeming not cooperated well with the Japanese counterpart. The reason why Japan is wrapping the investigation up has come to light, but what is the US military thinking in the investigation is still unknown.

As per the reports, the Japanese authorities have allowed the container ship, and most of its crew members are allowed to leave the island country’s area, and headed towards its destination. And, it has also been known the Japanese coast guard officials have been escorted the container ship to the high seas. Neither the container ship’s crew members that left for their destination were charged in the collisions on US destroyer.

On the other hand, there were some crew members from the freighter, includes the captain didn’t leave Japan, as the freighter company officials made in their statement. Though there are differences between the US and Japanese investigation teams, it hasn’t been cleared who are the original responsible for the accident.