Long Beach Train Derailment Occur When No One On Board, Says, Officials


In Long Beach, New York, on Tuesday morning, two cars of an LIRR train or Long Island Rail Road train got partially derailed, and caused a brief halt to all the trains in the busy morning rush of trains and people, says the MTA official.

It is confirmed that the train was empty, as it was coming straight from the sheds where it belongs, and two of its cars were derailed partially, and not creating any particular damage to the cars unlike it does on the joints.

The incident occurred in the first hours of the busy morning, at around 5:15 am, which results in blocking the access to the Long Beach rail yard, from where the train was leaving to its destination as to start its day. It took the MTA officials more than two hours to fix the problem and also the train service was suspended to the Long Beach Branch by the MTA authorities for two hours.

The regular passengers had to take an alternative means of transport to reach their destinations, as the service was temporarily suspended for the people to use the Long Beach Branch of train service.

It is said that the train system connected in both directions between Jamaica and Island Park, but while the problem was on, the people had to rely on the several bus services. As the line supports more than 20,000 customers daily and this is quite a lot for a small distance between Jamaica and the Island Park.