Man Jumped From Top Of Kilauea Volcano Apparently Left Suicide Note Before Jumping


In Honolulu, Hawaii, a man who is in his late 30s jumped from the top of the Kilauea volcano on this weekend was seemingly left a suicide note before he does the deed, and on the Sunday day, his body was found.

According to the local news reports, the man who died by jumping from the top of the volcano which was found at the bottom of the volcano, which was not at all currently erupting. Police was not able to find the reason behind the death of the man, but it was later on Tuesday the man’s father revealed the main reason was a suicide and not some accident.

The man was identified on Monday as Gregory Michael Ure, who was a 38-year-old man, also known to Hawaiian public as Leo Adonis, and his father John Michael Ure told the local media that a suicide note was found from his backpack which was left behind the trail. The reason behind the suicide was apparently some emotional issue, which was not shared to the media by the father, John Michael Ure.

The local report also mentioned that there were two hikers, who located the backpack on their trail, and by seeing the bag, they were looking for the owner of the bag, who was missing from the entire scenario, and this incident occurred on this Saturday.

The Rangers had to suspend the searching operation at night and begin again on the Sunday morning when they found the body that was 250 feet below Crater Rim Tail.