Man Stuck Inside An ATM Machine For More Than Two Hours


In Corpus Christi, Texas, one of the most shocking things that can happen to a person, a technician was trapped inside an ATM in the city, who was there for more than two hours, and even slipped notes through the receipt slot to asked for help, says an official.

One of the most bizarre things can happen to a man, as it was reported a man who is not identified, went inside an ATM room to fix the lock mechanism inside the machine, but couldn’t get out as he stuck in the machine room. The ATM was located at a local Bank of America, which was closed at the very period, which was also unlucky for the man.

The officers said the man didn’t bring any phone with him; thus he has to sit there for more than two hours, he also slipped several notes through the receipt slots to address the person in front of the ATM in order might help him. But, most of the people thought that the notes were some jokes until one find out there must be an actual man inside the machine room trapped, and thus called the police to help him out.

As per the Corpus Christi Police Officer Richard Olden, who went to the spot and realize the situation, and called for the person who has the key to the room, who was actually the boss of the technician, and made Officer Olden and his men a scene which they never saw.