Massachusetts Man Invented Innovative Idea To Stop People To Slow Down When Driving


In Wareham, Massachusetts, innovation does come from the least expected places, who could have thought to create life-saving equipment with the help of plywood and aluminum. It was a Massachusetts man who made a life-size Ford Crown Victoria that look-alike a police car with an aim to getting people to slow down their vehicles by seeing the cutout as a real police car.

As per Kelly Tufts, the man behind the idea, have placed the cutout of a life-sized police car on his driveway to slow down other vehicles from creating a nuisance in the area, and the best part is, he can do that couple of years using the exact technique. The cutout is made to reflect at night which allows it to see for the people who drive even at night and makes them stay within speed limits, which is from 25 to 35 mph.

Tufts also mentioned that before the scenario was very different from what it is now, as most of the people drive in the area about 50 mph, which is far more than the speed limit and due to the current situation, is far slower than what it was before.

Even though the drivers find out about the fake police car, still they slow it down to look at the sign, and even sometimes if they didn’t slow the vehicle, coincidentally real police car chased the fast cars.

The total credit cannot be given to Tufts because he found the cutout from his friend’s salvage yard.