New Facebook update, less choice scream dissatisfied users


    Facebook is back to pushing people again. When its Messenger app was launched for direct communication, it deactivated messages in the main app and users were forced to download the new Messenger app. Though there was an uproar, people finally started using the new app.

    Close to 900 million people presently use the app. However, there exists a loophole. Users have to log into the Facebook mobile website with a smartphone browser such as Chrome and Safari. This way they could still circumvent the Messenger app. Now Facebook has plugged those leaks as well.

    In certain markets, the company has blocked messaging access though mobile browsers on Android phones. In other markets, users are getting a message stating that their conversations will be moved to Messenger with a link to download the app. The company says this ban will be extended to other markets and to iPhone users as well in the upcoming months. The company insists this move is only to bring the best experience to users. The Messenger app provides runs quickly and provides more reliable notifications for incoming messages.

    While the company’s statements seem to be well intentioned, disgruntled users point to another valuable dilemma. They argue that we have access to several free software and service, but very little control over how we choose to use them.

    Several users are not pleased with the company’s hardline approach as can be inferred from the fact that close to 149 million people in America accessed Facebook’s website from a tablet or a smartphone during April. The company needs to deal with this issue carefully as it could very well be sufficient to topple the table.