Protesters Rally in Dozens of Cities to Call for Trump’s Impeachment


People gathered across the United States cities on Sunday, two days prior to the Independence Day, to call on Congress to accuse President Donald Trump.

In Los Angeles, they carried a black coffin draped in white, red and blue flowers, topped with a hand-written sign: “The Presidency 1789-2017.”

In Austin, Texas, they started from the state Capitol to City Hall, fighting with counter-protesters along the way, and in downtown San Francisco, a chant was done as: “What do we want? Impeachment! When do we want it? Now!”

As in many other cities, protesters were greeted by the president in Austin supporters.

However, Jake Lloyd backs the president by telling NBC station KXAN that there is right now no reason to impeach the president as he has done no crime.

The “impeachment marches” added to the effort among lawmakers who invoked the “I” word.
Among them is Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, was the foremost to call for Trump’s impeachment for the May 17 obstruction of justice on the House floor and who repeated his call to hundreds of protesters on Sunday in Austin.

Green said before leading the Pledge of Allegiance “I am here today because I love my country,” and began singing “God Bless America” and he also said “We are patriotic Americans.”

A similar scene was 400 miles south, in Los Angeles, with thousands of demonstrators joined by Rep. Brad Sherman, D-California, NBC Los Angeles reported. Like Green, Sherman wishes to boot Trump from office over alleged obstruction, and last month, he circulated an article of impeachment to other House members saying so.