Security Officers to cast off the ‘Police’ Label After the Episode of United Airlines Dragging a passenger


The video images of Dr. David Dao, being pulled out from a flight in April in Chicago showings a screaming doctor who was yanked forcibly by an officer from his seat and this man was dragged down the United Airlines jet aisle.

Passengers cried out in horror, while two other officers followed down the aisle. They were in black jackets with a word stitched in white capital letters: “POLICE.”

Now on Wednesday, after three months of this incident, the Chicago Aviation Department accepted their security officers were not police officers and the uniforms were marked improperly. It also promised to remove from their uniforms, vehicles and other insignia this word in the coming months.

The change represents the most new and concrete initiative by the department in response to the April 9 dragging of the United Airlines and that resulted in four people being placed on leave and a legal settlement.

Under a new “directive,” the airport security officers who removed the passenger, Dr. David Dao, will be allowed onto planes only to attend to a disturbance if Chicago Police requests them. A city ordinance will be into effect this month with a few exceptions preventing the security officers from removing passengers from an aircraft, said Lauren Huffman, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The fallout of this ugly episode is shouldered by United Airlines and this includes reaching a settlement where it paid to Dr. Dao an undisclosed sum taking the responsibility for that happened on Flight 3411.