Trump drops a bomb on the DoD by tweeting for ban of transgender people in military


The White House was caught on its wrong foot as President Donald Trump made a surprise decision to ban transgender people from the US military service. This storm began when a tweet by Donald Trump said that he consulted with military experts and generals and reached a decision to ban transgender people in the military. This decision applied to all forms of military.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Deputy press secretary, faced a rather large load of questions. The questions covered a broad range such as how this decision was made, why was it announced first on Twitter, whether the DoD was involved and if this was a political decision. In a frustrated attempt, Sanders threatened to end the briefing if there were no questions on any other topic.

On the other side of this decision, the announcement seems to have caught the Department of Defense at a wrong time too. James Mattis, the Defense Secretary, is on vacation and the administration officials were clueless regarding this new decision. What this means for the 250 odd transgender people is unclear at the moment.

Sanders mentioned that Mattis as well as the rest of his national security team have been informed about this move, despite confirming their involvement in this decision. She also firmly reiterated that this decision was made purely on military interests, military readiness and unit cohesion. In the coming days, more light will be shed on this matter. For now, this is a significant step against the American LGBT population.