Trump Tweets a Wrestling Video of Him Where ‘CNN’ is to the Ground


President Trump posted to his Twitter a short video on Sunday portraying wrestling and punching figure whose head is replaced by the CNN logo.


The video runs for 28 seconds and is an edited clip from an annual wrestling event. The clip concludes with restyling of the CNN logo as: FNN: standing for Fraud News Network.


The video is cartoonish and for a sitting president this is an unorthodox way of expressing himself. in the recent days, Mr.Trump is attacking the news media, assailing CNN and is insulting the MSNBC’s hosts ‘Morning Joe’.


Even at a faith rally on Saturday he gave a speech in Washington and referred CNN as ‘garbage journalism’. Now, this wrestling video is posted to the Twitter account and this has stirred criticism. Journalists condemn this violence portrayal as dangerous and believe it may incite threats or attacks against the employees of the news media.


The New York Times, executive editor, Dean Baquet said, ‘It is unseemly for the president to attack journalists as they are doing their jobs and in this vent President is encouraging anger at the media’.


In fact, the administration failed to respond to comment and Thomas Bossert, Mr. Trump’s homeland security adviser on viewing the video for the first time with Martha Raddatz of ABC News during a broadcast interview, straightly defended the video and said it is no threat.


Last week Mr.Trump’s video version appeared on a page that was Trump-dedicated on the Reddit message board site. The CNN logo is superimposed as the Vince McMahon’s head was a wrestling magnate and also Mr. Trump’s friend, who appeared on wrestling shows as a guest in the pre-presidential years.