Turkey Released 10 US Strategic Location In Syria Angered The Pentagon Over Leak Of Military Data


In Washington, on Wednesday, soon after a Turkish national news channel which is run by the Turkish government have aired locations of not just one but ten US military positions inside Syria, which generates anger from the Pentagon, and slamming is followed by the defense building.

The news was aired by the Anadolu agency, which is a Turkish state-run news channel that released the report on Wednesday, and on the very day, the US government didn’t hesitate to respond to the news broadcast by thrashing the Turkish government.

The Pentagon said, these kinds of information might threaten lives of the US personnel who are posted in the region and fighting the ISIS, while the terrorist organization might have already identified the positions of the US bases.

This news exposure is not just putting the US soldiers into unnecessary risk, but also putting the entire US-led coalition forces who are stationed at these military positions could be in danger. All the world knows ISIS have eyes everywhere around the world; thus they might get aware of the locations where the coalition force is stationed and might put its strike on them one by one, which will cost several soldiers’ lives, says a US Defense spokesman.

The information which was released was not casual, in fact, it was featured in details, and also how many soldiers were deployed in each location was also told in the news broadcast.

On the other hand, the media is blaming the US government that it is cooperating with the terrorist organizations.