Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Land In Eastern Afghanistan Injuring 2 US Soldiers


    In Kabul, Afghanistan, on early Tuesday, a black hawk helicopter was reported to crash landed during conducting an operation in the eastern sector of the country, which left two US soldiers injured and also results into the grounding of the helicopter for investigation.

    It is reported that all the crew members suffered injuries that include minor bruises and cuts, while at the same time there two personnel who suffers a bit serious injuries among others, and now they are admitted to a base hospital. As a preliminary investigation result, the helicopter has hard landing because of a mechanical issue, which is not known now, but the team is determined to find out the reason soon.

    The US HH-60 Black Hawk have crashed while attempted landing during an operation in the Achin District, Nangarhar earlier on Tuesday morning, and creates a barrier in the mission for quite some time. The helicopter was assigned to a NATO-led Resolute Support Mission which allows giving assistance to the Afghan security force which was supposed to engage with Taliban.

    Now, both the US personnel are recovering from their wounds at a medical facility of the coalition forces, while the chopper has put under investigation, to find out what led the aircraft to crash land during an ongoing mission.

    While, on the other side of the battle, the Taliban fighters claimed that they have an open fire at a helicopter, and it crashed that killed everyone on board, on the NATO side, they have rejected the claims, by saying all are baseless.