California Shooting Incident Left Two Police Officers Hospitalized


In Los Banos, California, on Monday, a man tried to break enter his wife’s apartment which leads to call the police for help from the woman’s side, which leads to a confrontation between the man and two police officers who went in after answering for assisting their help. Later, the confrontation becomes violent, and shootings occurred and left both the officers in a nearby hospital as they suffer gunshot wounds.

According to the Los Banos Police Chief Gary Brizzee, the daughter of the suspect, who is still not being identified by the police, called the police force and clarified that her father tried to enter her mother’s family apartment, and need assistance from the police.

Two police officers came after answering the call, and entered the apartment and asked the man to step out from the house, as they have a word with him, but the person refused to answer any of their questions, which leads to a heated argument between them. The incident happens soon after one of the police officers draws and shoots his stun gun at the man, but he resists it and draws his pistol which starts the shooting.

Later, all three people transferred to the hospital, but the suspect died of his wounds in the hospital, though both the officers were still alive and struggled for life as of on Tuesday. Brizzee confirmed that one of the officers suffers bullet wound in the torso, lower leg, and head, while the other one suffers a single shot on his torso, and now out of danger.