First Female candidates gets enrolled for SEAL


The women race is gradually taking an upswing in the fields which were predominantly ruled by men. One such impressive example is admission of two women in Sea, Air and Land Teams (SEAL) in the US. One woman is on her way to become a SEAL officer and the other is gearing herself to become a special warfare combatant crewman. The military refused to disclose the identity of these women for security reasons.

This decision came 18 months after the Pentagon declaring that women can now perform duties in frontline combat positions. These treasures have a tough path lying ahead of them. In order to qualify, these women will have to undergo Basic Underwater Demolition or SEAL training which will test their physical and mental capabilities.

Only a few entrants who attempt training appear as SEAL or special boat operators. The recruited SEAL attrition rate is 73 to 75 percent. The officer program is not a cake walk. The navy ascribes to varying success rates to a substantial number of candidates in the enrolled program.

Irrespective of the gender and the physical competence, the female candidates will have to go through same amount of rigorous training and work as the males do. The training is tough due to varied reasons like mental, physical or medical.

This is the premiere and crucial time that the female force should get recruited. Female candidates are not the only addition to the navy; SWCC includes one transgender person as well.