Get Solar Eclipse Glasses and keep your eyes safe


America will be experiencing a total eclipse this month. Even if you are much away, the totality on August 21, will be experienced as a partial eclipse. This is when the Moon blocks a portion of the Sun. Millions of Americans are tempted to look at the eclipse that violates the basic rules of astronomy: Remember, to NOT look directly at the Sun in an indictment.

This rule applies anytime, even during a partial eclipse if Sun appears as a crescent. If you fail to be careful, you may permanently damage your eyes. Fortunately, there are special eclipse glasses that allows you to watch the eclipse safely. Unfortunately, some eclipse glasses are not really safe, so ascertain to use the glasses that are verified as safe.

The danger of looking at the Sun is owing to its extreme brightness and this is due to two things that cannot be seen, Infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The Infrared light is the type of heat, such as the warmth radiating from a campfire. If you look at the Sun too long, its infrared light will overheat your retinas and damage them. Ultraviolet light gives sunburns. Just as our skin gets damaged due to UV exposure, your eyes also gets damaged. If you know about sun burn, then the same happens to your eyes and it will damage your eyes completely.

Eclipse glasses block the harmful infrared and ultraviolet light coming from the Sun. You should make sure to have sunscreen on your face, but proper eclipse glasses is essential to make sure you keep your eyes safe.