July 12 Phoenix Lgbt Youth Center Case’s Suspect Have Been Arrested


In Phoenix, Arizona, the suspects who were accused in LGBT youth center vandalism case that occurred in this month’s middle have been arrested by the city police, says the police authorities.

The statement released by the authorities, where they released the identity of the accused whose name is Darren Beach Jr. who have been arrested on this Friday, and now the person is in police custody, and he has been booked on charges of suspicion of arson of an occupied structure.

The police authorities also have released a video that shows a man who is claiming to be Beach Jr. has seen pouring liquid on the floor of the LGBT center, and then lit up the place. This came to know as the video sees fire coming out of the place a while later, as the incident is claimed to have been occurred on July 12, at the one.n.ten center, which lies southwest of the city of Phoenix.

The 26-year old accused is also a participant in the program that the center was offering, which was allowed for the individuals whose ages are between 14 to 24-years old but when Beach was approached there he was aging more than that, in fact, he was 25-year old.

The youth center does include their assistance to the individuals who are aged between 14 to 24-years old, for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, but Beach was also accused of before that, though still, the motive is not clear.

The center suffers many losses, such as electrical equipment, food, and other camping equipment.