Lifting of the ban on the laptops is a relief – Security measures tightened


The ban on carrying a laptop from the Middle East countries to the US has been lifted. The news comes as a relief as the Middle Eastern countries have devised their own way to combat terrorism. They either check the electronic devices for bombs or pull out people from the airport lines for extra screening.

No airlines around the world are placing restrictions of carrying large personal electronic devices because of the additional security measures taken by the respective countries is making global aviation community more safe. Also the communication between DHS and TSA has led to surge in airline safety.

The fortunate alliance of airlines, stations and shareholders are a sign that countries over the world share a common goal of raising global aviation security. The global aviation is slowly progressing towards communication and collaboration between private sector and the US government.

HSS secretary said laptop was a provisional arrangement till the countries could come up with better security improvements. The fear came from the fact that terrorists were working on making bombs and that they could be hidden in devices like laptop and tablet computers.

They tested on a real airplane on the ground. The airplane was destroyed completely. However, the intelligence reports demonstrated that they could not blow off the bomb remotely. Also the safety experts said that lithium the components of which the battery is made off gets heated quickly and can be a source of fire.

The FDA said that now the lithium batteries should be a part of the carry-on baggage and not the checked in luggage.