Navy Base Resumes Its Normal Operations After Being Shut Down For Sometime


In Norfolk, Virginia, after several hours of emergency declared inside the world’s largest base, due to a possible trespassing report occurred in the base area, but now it has been opened and fully operational after nothing was found inside. There was a report of a trespassing which was said to be done by a scuba driver, but after searching the base for over several hours no such person was identified, or any unknown person was caught.

As per the reports released by the US Navy authorities from the Naval Station Norfolk, where they have mentioned that after extensive searching operations were conducted in the base and while the base was kept shut down, but none was discovered.

The closure of all the entry points of the base was done after the sighting of an unknown scuba diver who has spotted inside the base by some unknown source. But, after a huge and intense searching operation done inside the base no unknown person was discovered by the naval base security forces, and thus after several hours of search, they have uplifted the closure and resume the normal base operations.

Based on the earlier report, there were sightings of a possible driver in the secured area of the naval base by some sailors on watch, which was in Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, on Monday, and these results in the shutdown of the base for over several hours.

There are more than 60 ships in several categories were present on the naval base, and where it took much time to clear out the search.