New Jersey Off-Duty Lifeguard Found Dead Body Of Missing Skinny Dipper Tourist


In Toms River, New Jersey, a body of female skinny-dipper washed out on the shore of the small town on this Monday, where an off-duty lifeguard found the dead body.

Later, the Toms River police came to know the skinny dipper went missing at the weekend and on Monday, and her body was found on the shore, which was washed away from the sea, says a police official.

The identity of the woman was released by the police force, as they say, she was a tourist from Slovakia, who was a just 24-year old woman, named Zuzana Oravcova. She was found by an off-duty lifeguard, around 11:30 pm, and later the lifeguard called the local police to report the missing skinny dipper was found dead on the shores of Toms River.

Oravcova went missing on Sunday, while she went on for swimming with her 23-year old friend Thomas Kadlec, at high waters of Point Pleasant Beach, and it was said, she went missing just a while after, as the tide took her away from the shore.

Oravcova’s friend Kadlec managed to swim back to the shore and asked for help from the present lifeguards, who went on to search for her along with US Coast Guards, police and firefighters. All the people went on to find Oravcova the whole day, but she was determined later on by an off-duty officer, who was among the searchers.

There was also another body found off the Smith Point Beach on Sunday evening, which was a teen, but the police did not immediately release the identity.