President Trump Augurs to unleash its power against North Korea if it causes any damage to the US


Tensions are escalating between North Korea and US after the secluded and penniless nuclear armed state rocketed into possibly the most significant policy challenge yet of his administration.Trump is dissuading North Korea from any action that would put Americans at risk. However, there is a vague assumption as to what specifically would cross his line. Administration officials said that an exemplary military strike would be the last option for the President.

President referred to North Korea’s unpredictable leader Kim Jong Un. President Trump said that Kim Jong Un has crossed all his limits and he will be met with appropriate action which the world has never seen before.

Unflinching, North Korea alerted US that it would contemplate anassault that would generate an enveloping fire around Guam the western Pacific island where the United States functions a vital Air Force base. However, the Americans are one step ahead of North Korea as its judicious bombers from Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base have flown over the Korean Peninsula in a show of force.

The Strategic Force of the North’s Korean People’s Army, or K.P.A., said that the US should stop daydreaming. It also said that US should stop thinking that it’s superior and indestructible heavenly kingdom.

The US should realize that the ballistic rockets of KPA are on a constant standby facing the Pacific Ocean. Mr. President’s distinct comments exuded resolute but studied language used by the American presidents to tackle its competitive nations.