Senator Cory Booker to legalize Marijuana in the nucleus of his new racial justice bill


    Sen. Cory Booker on Wednesday instituted a new bill legalizing Marijuana by removing marijuana convictions and punishes states with racially distinct arrest or imprisonment rates for marijuana related crimes.  These changes aim at bringing about transformation of nation’s age old practices like war on drugs has inflicted on poor and minority communities.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced legislation two years ago which a New Jersey Democrat Booker took a decision to remove marijuana from Federal Controlled Substances Act. This will allow state to propound its own policies.  However, Booker’s bill would like to go one step further. It would put restrain on some criminal justice funding that hasn’t legitimized Marijuana if they display racially inordinate arrest rates. This will apply to all those states where marijuana is not legalized.

    Booker’s administration would comprehensively endorse states to legalize marijuana to avoid the penalties. The funds that were withheld from States would go into Federal Community Reinvestment Fund that would receive $500 million allowance annually.

    This fund will be used for establish an endowment program to refinance in communities most affected by war on drugs. It will include various initiatives like job training programs, criminal reentry assistance, public libraries and community centers, youth programs and health education.

    For ages, the disappointed war on drugs has reprimanded millions of nonviolent drug offenders especially for marijuana related felony. This has given rise to many lost human potential, torn apart families and communities and taxpayers dollars.