Trump and Media at Loggerheads


The conflict between Trump and media is escalating at a rapid rate. It has been 200 days for Trump in the office now and the feud between him and the media continues to grow. President Trump throws accusations at media every day and the enraged media becomes progressively explicit about its hostility towards the President.

The White House has endeavored to strike a chord on a regular communication plan or has a rational way of dealing with antagonistic press corps. Both, former secretary Sean Spicer and communications director Anthony Scaramucci are gone. In their tenure the tensions between the White House and media have worsened and bestowed a feeling that White House’s communication strategy is directionless.

Meanwhile Trump’s friends and allies are taken aback by how soon the Press has taken to mock the administration or engaging in petty score settling. Top established media patrons are coercing taking Trump for taking a 17 day working time off. They are penning down stories about personal lives of administration officials casting them as imposters and adapt a sneering tone that Trump’s allies say is unparalleled.

Anxiety has sky rocketed since last week’s orientation room showdown between Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller who likes to argue with the media and CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta who has become a paramount critic in the White House Press Corps. Both sides want to have their own way.

Miller’s performance in which he condemned Acosta as an “out of touch cosmopolitan” was acknowledged in the White House and even evoked babble that Trump is considering him for communications director.