Yellowstone Gold Mining Proposal From Canadian Firm Got Approval After Spat With Locals


In West Yellowstone, Montana, the authorities have cleared the path of a Canadian firm to extract gold from a region of Yellowstone National Park, which is said to be rich in gold. Despite several oppositions against the excavation the part of the national park for gold from the residents of the region, the state authorities gave green signal to the firm for extracting gold from the region, although with several regulations must maintain.

According to the reports, where it is cleared that the Montana Department of Environment Quality has granted the Vancouver-based Lucky Minerals which got a license to extract gold from the part of Yellowstone.

It is also mentioned in the report that there were not just gold in the mines, but there are many other minerals found in the region, which will also be extracted by the Canadian company, but with a limit that has maintained by the environment agency. The excavation site is said to be lies 12 miles east of the small town of Emigrant, and nearly 20 miles northwest from the Yellowstone.

The Montana Department of Environment has confirmed that the Canadian company Lucky Minerals have said they’ll maintain all the necessary measures to keep the excavation clear and no environment policies or boundaries will be distorted.

Despite all the clearance, there were nearly 4,000 individuals along with other organizations or agencies have cleared that they are opposing the company’s work in the region. As they fear, the occupation of Lucky Minerals in the area might harm the environment.