Brain Cancer Can Be Cured With the Zika Virus


Zika virus was previously announced as devastating damage for an unborn child. But, the researchers at School of Medicine from the Washington University in St. Louis and University of California San Diego’s Medicine School have discovered the new study that the stem cells of brain cancer can be killed by the Zika virus treatment.

In the United States, around 12000 patients are getting diagnosed with the glioblastomas every year, as it is the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer which is too hard to treat. These cancerous cells of glioblastoma are so fast growing and diffusing, and get spread throughout the brain in very little time, which makes it difficult to find that where these tumors end  and begin the healthy tissues. In the same case, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not seem enough to remove the stem cells.

But the recent study says that, brain tumor stem cells are similar to grow and divide manner of the healthy cells in fetuses. Hence, Zika virus can be an appropriate treatment to come out from glioblastoma. Until this new study, the Zika was being supposed to be the global health threat.

The Zika study was performed on the tissue samples of donated human brain, living mice as well as different animals and the further research has yet to be tested on humans itself.

Dr. Michael Diamond is the professor of pathology, medicine, immunology, molecular microbiology from Medicine School of Washington University in St. Louis. He stated that, “We have guarded optimism about this treatment. We envision tests in humans, and eventually adding this to existing conventional therapy (surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy) to kill the otherwise resistant stem cell component of the tumor. But we need to further test safety and we need to first prove this works in human glioblastomas when transplanted into mice.”