More Than 5 Billion of Bluetooth Devices Vulnerability Can Hack Phone in A Few Seconds


The Security Company Armis has discovered the eight exploits’ collection, known as ‘BlueBorne’, which allows the attackers to hack anyone’s phones, even without touching them. These attackers can access almost all Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, computers and IoT devices, etc.

The commercial stake holder in the security space of IoT, Security Company Armis has warned the Bluetooth device users that it is silently exploited the attack vector. Though, the researchers said that, these malware attacks require a closed proximity towards the vulnerable device without any prior interaction with the victim.

There are several popular phones, which include the Samsung Galaxy devices and Google’s Pixel are also found vulnerable, where the BlackBerry phones as well as many other Android devices have been found with the risk of vulnerability.

While, Apple has disclosed its vulnerability share in the iOS 10, as 89 percent among all the users. Also, the Bluetooth Windows machines have been found to be lying at the risks of vulnerability issues which let the attacker to reroute or intercept invisibly to the wireless traffics with creating the malicious networking interface.

The Security Company Armis has written that, “New solutions are needed to address the new airborne attack vector, especially those that make air gapping irrelevant. Additionally, there will need to be more attention and research as new protocols are using for consumers and businesses alike. With the large number of desktop, mobile, and IoT devices only increasing, it is critical we can ensure these types of vulnerabilities are not exploited.”