Finally the Dropbox Getting Redesigned After 10 with a Great Creativity


Dropbox, a popular company known for the cloud storage has now been set to add more colors to itself with the finest creativity. After a long period of 10 years, the company has recently announced to come with more creativity. The home page of Dropbox says that, “Today we’re announcing the biggest change to Dropbox’s look in our 10-year history.”

Aaron Robbs, a Creative Director and VP of Design, Nicholas Jitkoff are leading the upcoming Dropbox refresh. The newly renovated design includes the color schemes, a new logo as well as typefaces. The company is basically trying to make itself different from the rest of the stream with stressing on the best creativity and pushing towards “a place for creation”.

Carolyn Feinstein, the Dropbox CMO stated while explaining about the new updates that, “At Dropbox, we had for a long time had this quite differentiated, thoughtful, authentic perspective on modern work and our optimistic belief that there is a better way.”

Feinstein added again that, “We play in an increasingly crowded and competitive category. It’s really important for us to be able to carve out a unique positioning that feels really true to who we are and true to the impact we want to have in the world.”

Aaron Robbs and Nicholas Jitkoff expressed that the Dropbox is introducing a Sharp Grotesk to the updated brand typeface. They said that, “With 259 fonts, our new typeface Sharp Grotesk gives us lots of versatility, allowing us to ‘speak’ in a variety of tones. Take a look at the gif to get a better idea.”