High Source of Wind Energy Potential over the Oceans to Generate ‘Civilization Scale Power’


Scientists have discovered on Monday that there is an enough source of wind energy, which can be used theoretically to produce a massive amount of power for human civilization. The research shown, that it will alter the environment on the earth, if the wind turbines will be built out over the ocean in a huge scale.

But study says that building wind energy farm across the oceans will create a huge potential to power the world. The intension of this idea of floating wind farms across a deep ocean is actually a major step towards the wind energy technology.

The earlier researches have estimated that there might be a high limit of energy amount, which can be produced by the wind farms located on the surface of land. The limit emerges not only due to human and natural structures on the ground that form a friction that contributes to slow down the speed of wind, but also because of every individual turbine of wind extracts some amount of wind energy and convert it into the electricity power, which then sent to human civilization.

Ken Caldeira from the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford in California explained that, “I would look at this as kind of a green light for that industry from a geophysical point of view. If each turbine removes something like half the energy flowing through it, by the time you get to the second row, you’ve only got a quarter of the energy, and so on.”

Caldeira added again that, “Over land, the turbines are just sort of scraping the kinetic energy out of the lowest part of the atmosphere, whereas over the ocean, it’s depleting the kinetic energy out of most of the troposphere, or the lower part of the atmosphere.”