Researchers Claim, Female Surgeons Are Better Than Male Surgeons…


A retrospective study published in The BMJ, a medical research journal today, says that the surgeries done by female surgeons are more likely to have with better outcomes and low death rates.

The research has been conducted by comprising all the civilians over 104,000 in numbers from Ontario in Canada those had surgeries from 2007 to 2015 along with their surgeons.

A leader of this study and urology (genitourinary surgery) professor from Houston Methodist Hospital, Dr. Raj Satkunasivam went with his colleagues to the great lengths for equalizing the comparisons between the female and male surgeons. They believe that a better outcome depends on the experience of surgeons in the surgery field, as they compared surgeons by their age and experience.

The researchers also matched the number of patients handled by each surgeon as much as feasible to account for the truth that sometimes surgeons might have faced difficult or more complicated cases.

Still, after making all those assimilations, patients treated by female surgeons were found by 4% low death that that of the male surgeons’ patients. According to the researchers, the way of medicine practices done by male and female surgeon may vary with their learning styles or skills acquisition.

Dr. Satkunasivam explained that, “If we really believe that the differences we saw among male and female surgeons is true, then what we need to do is better understand what actually is driving those differences. Once we understand those differences, we can potentially apply them to train surgeons better, and instill those qualities in all surgeons to improve outcomes for everyone.”