Tesla Is Still Working On Its New Model 3s Sedan


The delivery numbers of the new TSLA Q3, i.e. Tesla Third Quarter model were both stunning and depressing too. It is for the first time that the carmakers of the company are pacing towards selling 100000 vehicles this year, in its history of 14 years.

Still, it is too far from the production of Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 Sedan, which is expected to bring the company into the masses and be the pioneer for the end of gas-powered cars.

The company disclosed that it will be producing 1,500 numbers of Model 3 by September, while less than 300 have been managed since the model was released in July. After getting average 20,000 productions of the figures monthly until December, it appears to be the hopeless expectations, according to the prediction by CEO Elon Musk, stating that Tesla will manufacture annually 500000 vehicles till the end of 2018.

This clears that around half out of the millions of pre-orders that had been placed for the new Tesla Model 3 could be unfulfilled until several years with putting a tremendous number of $1,000, as the refundable deposits by consumers for each upcoming car of the company in doubt.

This is the threat in consumers at the time about the deposits they have paid, but the market of the vehicle is still unconcerned about Tesla’s stock continues to be up to 65% still in 2017 with none of the company’s captivating aura has yet been by the brand.

So, now the company needs to enlarge its scale of producing 250 to 500K numbers of Model 3 to generate a huge profit to contribute in funding the Model S and Model X of next generation along with the Model 3’s crossover version.