The Most Awaited Spacetime Discovery Will Be Disclosed On Monday, 16th October


An international team of scientists from Variability of solar IRradiance and Gravity Oscillations (VIRGO) and Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and many observatories across the world are all ready to uncover the discovery of gravitational waves. Journalists are also invited to join the event scheduled by National Science Foundation (NSF) in Washington, DC on 16th October at 10 am, EDT.

The event will take place at the Press Club in Washington by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which will be bringing the scientists from VIRGO and LIGO collaborations along with the representatives from 70 observatories. The program will discuss on the latest findings of the s on gravitational waves and many other extreme events occur in the cosmos that are gained from the LIGO, Virgo and other observatories around the world.

The gravitational waves were first detected by the LIGO team on 14th September, 2015, which was the milestone in astronomy and physics announced on 11th February, 2016. Gravitational waves get created by the releasing and compacting of spacetime fabric, at which two black holes start to orbit each other in the like dance of death.

This was the first observation that confirmed the prediction by Albert Einstein about the general theory of relativity through which he posited the spacetime as the unitary and singular phenomenon and set the beginning of new sector gravitational-wave astronomy. After that, other three detections confirmed, from which one is the recent detection by both LIGO and Virgo detectors.

The announcement by the National Science Foundation worded that, “The gathering will begin with an overview of new findings from LIGO, Virgo and partners that span the globe, followed by details from telescopes that work with the LIGO and Virgo collaborations to study extreme events in the cosmos.”