The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Soon To Come With an Optical Fingerprint Sensor Embedded Into Display Panel


Ming-Chi Kuo, a security analyst from the Keck Graduate Institute of Claremont (KGI) in California has announced this month that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come up with an optical fingerprint sensor that will be embedded into the display panel of the phone. He also suggested that the company will finally be capable of commercialize the technology of emerging biometric authentication soon by next month.

It is reported that the South Korean manufacturer of original equipment has not decided yet about the supplier providing the raw components that are essential for implementation of the scanner for on-screen fingerprint recognition system in the smartphone. The technology basically relies on OLED panel in order to secure the sensor while just not only by allocating its usage but also supporting it with a light source at the same time.

The Samsung LSI owned by a Samsung group has already shipped a few sample components for the sensor of in-screen fingerprint to the Samsung Electronics. Also the electronics manufacturers that are Seoul-based have been trying to make commercial the optical fingerprint sensors since a long period of time and now planned to implement them the Galaxy S8 lineup.

According to the latest reports, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung are supposed to debut constantly with the conventional fingerprint scanners that are located in the rear plates, because the company has still to overcome obstacles in the certain development before embedding such sensors into the displays panels reliably.

The company hopes to deliver the similar solution in a long term like Face ID system of Apple which is expected to debut soon with the new iPhone X.