TiVo Released the New Bolt Vox DVR with Voice Search Capabilities In Remote


TiVo just revealed this morning about its three latest products, which includes two unique set-top boxes, named as Bolt Vox and Mini Vox and a voice search enabled remote control for existing TiVo hardware, launched recently.

All these products are the latest series launched by TiVo for its 4K resolution DVR with the streaming media boxes that combine a great set of features for the latest Bolt Models along with a next generation user experience and the new voice recognition enabled remote control.

TiVo explains that the new Bolt Vox introduces with the same internal hardware like existing Bolt and Bolt+ models with same outside appearance.

The storage options in the newest models are also the same as previous. The cost of new 500GB Bolt Vox DVR is $199.99 that contains four tuners. Also the larger capacity model of 1TB (for $299) is available.

Still the most awaited version of 3TB 6 tuner (for ($499) remains with a limited compatibility with the digital cable inputs, and unsupported for the antenna programming.

The latest TiVo Bolt Vox is supposed to be available by end of the month with the staring price $199, while the Mini Vox will start from $179 and Vox Remote of Vox devices will be costing $39. So, those who are already having a TiVo Roamio device are able to use voice features through a firmware update and by purchasing a model of the Vox Remote specifically for those devices, which costs $45.