‘Heat-Not-Burn’ Tobacco Products Are Still Potentially Harmful To Health


A British advisory panel of the government says that even though the ‘Heat-not-burn’ tobacco products are probably safer as compared to the regular cigarettes, but still these devices produce some amount of potentially injurious compounds, from which some are carcinogenic.

Manufacturers of the products claim that their products are targeted at smokers demanding for such a product or device that will give a taste of tobacco but with less smell and no smoke. at the same time, the panel was also concern about the non-smoking young generation that they might start using the devices. Also there were some worries about the products that they could make provoke people to move towards smoking hazardous traditional cigarettes.

Philip Morris International, the cigarette maker has been leading the way in advancing the latest innovative non burning devices and the iQOS device manufactured by the company is among the two obtainable in Britain alongside the iFUSE by the British American Tobacco.

However, the e-cigarettes containing nicotine-laced liquid, which are the most recent tobacco devices that just heat tobacco up to just enough high temperature to produce vapor but not smoke.

The Committee of Toxicology (COT), which is one of the foremost official teams to examine the possible risks profile of ‘heat not burn’ devices. Alan Boobis, the Director of Toxicology Unit and professor of Biochemical Pharmacology said that, “The evidence suggests that heat-not-burn products still pose a risk to users. There is likely to be a reduction in risk for cigarette smokers who switch to heat-not-burn products but quitting entirely would be more beneficial”