Nationalizing the 5G Wireless Network is Trump Security Team’s Next Plan


Nationalizing the 5G wireless network is Trump security team’s next plan which is an effort of protecting the country’s wireless systems from China and also concerns about cybersecurity.

According to a report, senior officials learned about the administration’s proposal of nationalizing the super-fast 5G network recently. The officials see the 5G network concept as an aim of addressing China’s threat to U.S. cybersecurity and economic security.

The documents laid out two options for Trump’s team to consider, according to a report.

The first option says the government can pay for and build the single 5G network, without the consultation of private companies.

The second options states they can get the help from wireless providers to build their own 5G networks. “Less commercial disruption” to the wireless industry is one of major “pros” of this plan, according to documents.

The Trump administration claims that such kinds of plans to start a “new paradigm” for the wireless industry jointly creating something similar to “the 21st century equivalent of the Eisenhower National Highway System.”

“We want to build a network so the Chinese can’t listen to your calls,” said the senior official. “We have to have a secure network that doesn’t allow bad actors to get in.” he also added, “We also have to ensure the Chinese don’t take over the market and put every non-5G network out of business.”

The report also unveils that the U.S.’s wireless providers have started the resources allocation for deploying 5G networks, like other countries like the Japan and Korea.