Texas Taking the Flu Outbreak Very Seriously, Announced Health Emergency


Texas is looking for more activities regarding flu outbreak than other states, says The Walgreens Flu Index. Health experts are criticizing the widespread virus on the weaker flu vaccination, this year. This is not just resulting against 10 per cent of stress being observed in patients.

Central Texas is also not exceptional for the outbreak. The Austin-Travis County Health and Human Services says that three people ageing over 50 years old have been died because of the flu this season in Travis County. In the last few seasons of flu, the health experts had only observed a single flu death at this period of the season. Also, Hays County is outlining a spike in the flu cases, this year.

Moreover, regarding the lacking effectiveness of flu vaccine, Travis County health experts said that the Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 coming down by the year is more harmful strain than ever seen in the past years, that causes more serious illness as well as a larger number of deaths and hospitalizations.

An emergency department director, Dr. Christopher Ziebell from the Dell Seton Medical Center of the University of Texas said that, “We’re already sort of where we normally are in peak flu seasons other years. It’s been ramping up now for probably the last seven to 10 days. With the vaccine being less effective than usual, I’m concerned that this one may hit us hard come February. Get your flu shot anyway, because that still reduces your risk of getting the flu by 10 percent, which can be the difference between life and death for some people.”