If you’re Under 65 Then Start Exercising from Now


New Year is a time to shape up new plans including the most important thing is your health. If you’re under 65 and have never exercised, now there is good news for you.

A study by cardiologists at UT Southwestern and Texas Health Resources has found that People into late middle age can reverse damage to sedentary, aging hearts by exercising and it can also help prevent future risk related to heart failure.

According to the findings by researchers at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine (IEEM), the heart seemingly maintains some plasticity and ability to remodel itself in the late middle age (before age 65), so it is the perfect time to start the exercise regimen.

The researchers suggest that exercising Two to three times a week is not enough, needs to be performed four to five times a week.

It’s not something that gets added on to the end of the day: You brush your teeth, you change your clothes, and you eat food and drink water. “You do these things for personal hygiene. Exercise is equally important. You need to find ways to incorporate it into your daily activities,” said Dr. Benjamin Levine, lead author of the study and the founder and director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Richard Siow, vice-dean for the faculty of life sciences and medicine at King’s College London and director of ageing research at King’s said that the study does not present health affecting diet or other factors such as pollution, but it should be taken into consideration of a healthy lifestyle.