Earth’s Atmosphere Rains down Viruses All over the Globe


Earth’s atmosphere rains down viruses and bacteria on to the whole planet, according to the new study released in the International Society for Microbial Ecology.

The research has shown that the Earth’s atmosphere rains down viruses and plays a more crucial role in spreading them on to the entire planet. Viruses in hundreds of millions in number are shoved towards sky with the help of wind and carried thousands of miles high before collapsing back down on anything on the Earth.

Scientists have found genetically identical viruses in so far distant locations of the Earth since decades. They also determined that the viruses have been hitchhiking through the airborne substances carried by the Earth’s atmosphere and swept up to distant locations before being left back to the surface.

This natural process has been well understood, but the fact was not noted that how much amount of viruses and bacteria was involved in the mechanism to go around. To quantify that amount, the study has been conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia, San Diego State University and the University of Granada.

Senior author of the published study, Curtis Suttle stated that, “Roughly 20 years ago we began finding genetically similar viruses occurring in very different environments around the globe. This preponderance of long-residence viruses traveling the atmosphere likely explains why — it’s quite conceivable to have a virus swept up into the atmosphere on one continent and deposited on another.”