Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Soon To Be Extinct within Next Couple of Decades


Jupiter’s Great Red Spot soon to be extinct, which is really an eye catching mark of the planet. the red spot on Jupiter has been raging since centuries that might be on its way to go dead, because a team of scientists has stated after in–depth probing the planet’s unique event that the its environment of ammonium hydrosulfide layer in Jupiter’s clouds is observed to be changing, so that the storm could vanish within the next couple of decades.

Glenn Orton from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA said in a statement about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot soon to be extinct that, “In truth, the GRS has been shrinking for a long time. Now it’s something like 13 degrees wide in longitude and only 1.3 times the size of the Earth. Nothing lasts forever.”

It is a potentially intense storm that is as bigger as it can swallow the entire Earth, which has been in a close observation of the Juno spacecraft of NASA. Jupiter has been orbited by Juno since more than six years as from when it has given some stunning events like Great Red Spot based on the impressive weather patterns of the planet.

Orton added to say that, “They don’t, at least not all of them. Think of the GRS [Great Red Spot] as a spinning wheel that keeps on spinning because it’s caught between two conveyor belts that are moving in opposite directions. The GRS is stable and long-lived, because it’s ‘wedged’ between two jet streams that are moving in opposite directions.”