McDonalds Disney reunite


McDonalds Disney reunite in the wake of release of long anticipated Incredibles sequel. The partnership will usher house of mouse once more to Happy Meals, after nearly a decade when Disney cut ties with the Burger brand.

Both had come to loggerheads when childhood obesity was a burning issue and there was a global disquiet about calorie loaded children’s meals at fast food restaurants. Earlier this year McDonalds said it was refurbishing its Happy Meal menu to provide assortment that were lesser in calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar. This signified ceasing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk on the menu.

These items may be still available for purchase but McDonald’s will not place them on menu and retaining them for order. Tiffany Rende, senior vice president of corporate alliances at Disney, said in a statement that McDonald’s dedication to balanced Happy Meals permits our two companies to participate on novel methods to escort the magic of Disney to McDonald’s consumers.

Disney initially spread its nutrition guidelines in 2006 and enhanced the enterprise in 2012. The company looks forward to advance the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy and restricting the number of calories, saturated fats, sugars and sodium eaten. Disney has also paid a lot of attention to how it advertises its products for the kids.

McDonald’s anticipates being on the same level with Disney’s nutrition recommendation by the Summer just in time with the release of “Incredibles 2.”