Weight Watchers Announced to Offer Kids a Six-Week Membership Free


Weight Watchers announced to offer kids a six-week membership free, from age group of 13 to 17 years old. It is a bigger move planned by the company in order to expand the revenue and connect loyal and long term customer base.

During a global employee occasion, the CEO of Weight Watchers, Mindy Grossman said in the announcement that, “We will give all teens ages 13 to 17 free access to Weight Watchers when they join with an adult in summer 18 helping those who need healthy habits develop them at a critical life stage. And we’re very excited about the potential impact this could make on the next generation and on families as a whole.”

Intended to help children fight against the childhood obesity, the program in which Weight Watchers announced to offer kids a six-week membership is announced last week, at which the company’s opponents claimed that inspiring children to follow diet can trigger eating disorders in them.

Registered dietitian, Linia Patel, who is a spokeswoman at the British Dietetic Association (BDA) replied when asked about her opinion on this offer that, “Ironically, free weight loss services are generally not well subscribed to and have poor long-term results. So, I think Weight Watchers is probably just looking to try to recruit but it’s not necessarily thought its marketing strategy out very well.”

However, a disproval has been found in a tweet posted by The National Eating Disorders Association, which wrote that, “The link between dieting and eating disorders is clear, and we are concerned about the new Weight Watchers promotion for teens.”